Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to Fight Depression & Feel Awesome Without Drugs
Have you ever felt depressed?

Depression is something that is familiar to pretty much everyone.

When depression hits us, we tend to all react in a different way.

Depression can be extremely deadly if you don't know how to deal and manage with it.

So it's important to understand how this Lethargy Cycle works.

The Lethargy Cycle
First, have you every said to yourself "there's no point" or "it's too difficult?" Well, those are really self-defeating thoughts. Which is how this Lethargy Cycle begins. 

This is followed by self-defeating emotionswhen you feel helpless, worthless and overwhelmed.

To complete the cycle, you end up with self-defeating actions. This is when you lay in bed or on the couch all day feeling depressed. You stop all activities and avoid all people.

As a result, with this cycle you really convince yourself that you are a nobody and a loser.

You're left paralyzed.

Most of us get stuck in this downward spiral and it's a race to the bottom.

How do you break this cycle?
One of the things people first notice when one is depressed is their lack of energy.

So reverse engineering the situation, you need energy to stop depression.

But if you don't generate the proper energy, you will continue to stay depressed.

It's a Catch-22.

You have to find a way to focus on one of the issues and muster anything you can to find a way. That means finding professional advice on getting help with depression or on gaining energy.

It's a tricky situation.

What most people do is focus on how to completely rid of their emotions thereby eliminating depression.

In other words, becoming numb to the situation.

Often, drugs are an easy escape for most.

It's important for me to say that I am not ignorant to the situation when it comes to depression. Some people do need medication and drugs. That is for you and your doctor to decide.

But for the rest of us, I feel that our emotions are like a language.

You can say depression is a way of our body telling us we aren't doing what we need to be doing.

Which is probably why we feel like crap.

Change your view on depression. Use it as fuel to move you forward and in the right direction towards your goals.

For a more in-depth read on depression, grab your copy of Feeling Good by David D. Burns, M.D.

My name is Romario Villanueva.  Entrepreneur & blogger. I'm a graduate from Rutgers University with several certifications from top schools through Coursera. I love all things business, psychology, and basketball. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn

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