Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Magic of Thinking Big: Wishing or Believing

Everyone wishes. 

I understand.

There’s no easier way to get away from reality than day dreaming about the good life.

But here’s what you need to know about wishing.

It’s dangerous. 

The important thing you have to look at is the difference between wishing and believing.

Now this isn’t just semantics. 

Majority of us go on for years with the lottery mentality.

We wish to become a millionaire.

We wish to be in better physical health.

We wish to find happiness.

It can be a lifetime before our wishes just magically happen. 

The reality is, it won’t ever. 

Until you are able to become aware of the difference between wishing and believing, you can fall victim to this fake sense of accomplishment. 

So why is wishing so dangerous? 

It tricks our minds into thinking that we’re really doing something.  But in reality, it can be counter-productive by leaving us inactive.

This psychological pitfall is known as moral satiation. This act of wishing or day dreaming leaves you feeling as you have done your job and nothing else is needed of you. 

A perfect example of this is commonly found on social media. When we think we are changing the world just by voicing the world’s problems and injustice. It leaves us satisfied because we believe we are doing something righteous. But no actions are really being done to better the world and solving these problems. 

Of course, this isn’t totally a black and white issue. 

If you wish and day dream, it’s okay. The issue is when it controls and manipulates your life. 

As mentioned above, there is a difference between wishing and believing. 

Believing falls more in line with getting yourself in a mental place where the “how to” starts to develop. 

I like to put it in these terms: Believing is helpful, while wishing leaves you helpless. 

What’s one part of your life where you find yourself wishing the most? 

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