Monday, November 7, 2016

The Dangerous Mindset: Why You Should Avoid The Medieval Binary Mentality
The ability to handle multiple shifting variables can determine how successful you are.

Think about it. 

How many times do we experience change in our lives?

A lot.

How many of us adjust to this change?

Very few.

Most can’t or won’t ever shift with the changes. And for the small sum that do adjust, they usually shift too fast. 

Put this into perspective when it comes to achieving your goals, people tend to either have a lot of imagination/vision or focused on the “right now” and a bit of a cynic. 

Billionaires have the skill to handle both. 

Now you may say well that doesn’t seem so complex.  It sounds so simple.

You’re right, it does sound simple, but not many people can shift from side to side using sound judgement.

Often, this binary mentality in capsules us to think black or white. 

A perfect example is going on right now in the presidential election. 

Just picture yourself out with a group of people at a restaurant. You stand up and ask, "do you think Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be a good president?" Slowly, you start to see your table split 0 or 1absolutely yes or a complete disgusted hell no!

But, the mark of an intelligent mind is to hold both options at the same time. Very few people can do this.

Another example, is sports or even diets whether paleo or vegan is better. Again, many people say one or the other without any acknowledgement to specific body types. 

The black and white mentality is extremely dangerous.

It can stir up emotions, fights and even death in some extreme cases.

Sadly, most of the subjects that are being argued can care less and aren’t even aware of the people fighting for them.

Perhaps, in the past this mentality may have helped us in order to survive. However, this modern world it really does the opposite. 

Don’t take this to the extreme where you can’t have judgement calls. At time point you will have to decide between one or the other. The problem is a lot of people pick one side too fast. 

Have you ever heard of the power of positive thinking and NO FEAR approach? 

Knowing what we know now, is it really safe to say NO FEAR or always being positive is the right way to go?

I’ll share my experience.

I recently launched an online business. Throughout the process I’ve heard doubt and outlandish remarks. Now if I strictly had a medieval mind I would say I won’t listen to anyone and I will keep going at it my way because they are just haters. 

Again, this is dangerous. 

It may sound right to keep going and ignore some ignorant comments from people who haven’t done anything in their life. However, what if someone with years of experience and success warned me about the potential pitfalls in my online business venture...would I say oh no I’m doing it my way and they are only hating?

You can see how this positive extreme self belief visualization can be so black and white.

In any venture in life, only a few possess the skill to handle both sides of the coin at the same time. 

Just keep that in mind. 

My name is Romario Villanueva.  Entrepreneur & blogger. I'm a graduate from Rutgers University with several certifications from top schools through Coursera. I love all things business, psychology, and basketball. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn

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